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The unavoidable destination of anyone who traveled to Croatia is Dubrovnik.
On the very south of Croatia it borders on two states, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which even separates it from the rest of Croatia, but however, it is the most visited tourist location.
The origin of the fairy-tale town dates back to the 7th century when inhabitants of the Epidarum (Cavtat) settled on the slopes of Srđ. And so at the foot of the oak trees, the thickets, for which the name was given, the walls were built. In the 14th century an independent Republic of Dubrovnik was established, which was maintained as a strong commercial and naval force for up to 19th century.
Dubrovnik is characterized by an extensive cultural and monumental heritage, which makes most of the tourist offer. And you can taste it all in the heart of the city, on Stradun, where St. Vlaha, Orland’s Pillar, Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace. And beyond the walls of the city, Dubrovnik breathes in magical lungs, because it stops breathless from the seafront, and each house is dressed in a glowing white stone suit. Dubrovnik has 40,000 inhabitants who are proud of their culture so that visitors can experience a rich tradition in their full potential throughout the year. Dubrovnik Summer Games, film festivals, summer carnivals and even 13 museums that are located in medieval monasteries and summer houses of the city and its surroundings are unforgettable and enchanting.

Although due to the high attendance of this high quality service, Dubrovnik is one of the most expensive cities in Croatia, but, we can assure you, visiting this Adriatic pearl is worth every penny.
Dubrovnik gets 250 sunny days a year and snow is a real rarity. The Old City doesn’t lose its vividness after dark; on the contrary. Numerous musical and theater performances on the city squares and a variety of happenings in the countless city venues preserve the dynamic of the city life long after sunset.

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